Our Environment

A nurturing environment that makes children feel happy and secure.

On the ground floor, with large windows children of all ages are excited to see the dogs, birds and vehicles as the local community go about their day.

With interlinking rooms, the children and staff get to know each other by communicating as appropriate, with different age groups.

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Under 2’s

Day nursery and pre-school in South Gloucestershire.

Babies learn through their senses and with a homely feel our baby room provides lots for them to see, touch, move around and explore. With space for sensory and movement play, or cosy areas for cuddling up or enjoying books and rhymes. Staff are tuned in, ready to adapt the environment according to your baby’s fascinations with lots of resources at hand.

We understand that your precious little one is unique, and we will work with you to follow their own feeding and sleep routines. In our adjoining sleep room they can take that all important nap in individual cots, whilst being closely monitored.

Being able to smell, touch and explore nature really aids babies’ development so we spend a lot of time each day outside, whether on buggy walks or in our baby garden.

2 to 3 year olds

Experiences through play and lots of natural and open-ended resources in this room nurture toddlers’ love of exploration and discovery. Toddlers are very curious. Sensory or messy activities are very popular.

Our toddler team are play partners, fostering good relationships between the children, whilst broadening their vocabulary and communication skills. This means lots of singing, rhymes and stories.

Our adjoining toddler bathroom helps greatly when gentle encouragement is right for toilet training with your child. Many toddlers need a nap after lunch. A space can be softly lit for a restful time, aided with gentle music, helping toddlers to feel happy and secure.

Pre-school – 3 to 5 year olds

There is fun to be had in this room with lots of different areas and open-ended items to stimulate imagination, independence and problem solving.

The routine for pre-schoolers is lightly structured and planned in the moment. Led by the children’s interests, we provide the nuts and bolts for them to really engage in what they love to do. This is where the learning happens!

A balance between adult and child led activities helps pre-schoolers feel happy and secure and gain skills across the Early Years Foundation Stage areas of learning (EYFS). Children become much more independent during this time and a dedicated pre-school bathroom helps with toileting and hand washing etc…

Sensory Room

We are lucky to have an additional indoor playroom. Used for activities including sensory exploration in our large dark den. Small group sessions and large-scale messy activities can also take place here. This room can be used flexibly by all age groups throughout the year.

During the summer term it is also used as an extension to the pre-school room, helping prepare the older children for school.

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We love outdoor play! We are passionate about fostering a love of exercise and fresh air from the earliest age. Children of all ages learn so much from the outside world of squelchy mud and splashy water.

Pre-school and toddlers can access our secure garden in all weathers, choosing between (free-flowing) outdoors and indoors for long periods every day. Whilst enjoying the awe and wonder of mini beasts!

Children enjoy more opportunities to get physical, taking risks (albeit supervised) and investigating nature in the fresh air. An extended area allows babies and younger toddlers to enjoy the outdoors whilst exploring a quieter part of the garden.

Community is important to us

When safe to do so, we take small groups of children of all ages for walks (and sometimes bus rides) in the local area. We visit parks, the forest area, the library, shops and the retail park or explore the local car wash for example.

Monthly visits to our neighbouring elderly assisted care complex allow children to enjoy time with and share activities and games with the residents. We invite visitors, including pets, to excite and extend children’s interests.

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