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Opening Times

Breakfast Club 7.30am - 8.00am

Monday to Friday 8.00am-6.00pm

Late Session 6.00pm-6.30pm

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Toddler Room

For up to 11 children from 24-36 months, minimum 1:4 staff ratio.

This is the age of gaining independence and very rapid acquisition of knowledge and skills. Sunbeams plan experiences through play, to nurture two - three year olds' love of exploration and discovery and provide language-rich opportunities to allow them to feel happy and secure.

The routine is lightly structured and planned according to the children's specific interests, providing stimulation and security throughout their day. A typical day will include outdoor play, singing, music and movement, enjoyment of books, creative and tactile play with sand and water.

A balance between adult led and child initiated activity ensure enjoyment of a wide variety of learning opportunities.

We work closely with parents to support toilet training and help to teach the children to take responsibility for their own personal hygiene by emphasising for example, the importance of washing their hands.

Independent exploring

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